Patient Services

At Allen Endodontics, we provide the following services:

  • Non-surgical root canal treatment

  • Surgical root canal treatment

  • Endodontic re-treatment

  • Diagnosis and treatment of traumatically injured teeth

  • Diagnosis and treatment of tooth resorption

  • Diagnosis and treatment of cracked teeth

  • Bleaching of non-vital teeth

  • Post and Core buildup

  • Apexification - treatment to encourage immature teeth to complete root                                     development prior to non-surgical root canal therapy

  • Apexogenesis - treatment to encourage immature teeth to complete root                                       development prior to non-surgical root canal therapy

  • Advanced Pediatric Treatment




State-of-the-Art Technology:

We use the latest technology and techniques available today, such as the

surgical operating microscope, digital radiography and 3-D imaging (CBCT). 



Operating microscope

The dental operating microscope has become an integral part of endodontic practice. For both nonsurgical and surgical endodontic therapy it is indispensable for excellency. Besides the obvious benefits for clinical practice, evidence has become available that demonstrates better outcomes compared to treatment without vision enhancement or magnifying eyewear. Treatment rendered using the dental operating microscope results in superior care for patients, and modern endodontic therapy is more effective because of its use.

Digital Radiography

What We See Is What We Get

We've invested in a new way of looking into your mouth—a procedure that's fast, comfortable, and incredibly precise. Using digital radiography, we can clearly identify all external and internal anatomical structures and accurately diagnose your dental problems. Even more amazing, we can immediately translate that information into a large, clear, accurate image, projected to a monitor that patient and doctor can study together in the operatory. You won’t even have to leave your chair. Digital radiography’s technology improves and simplifies the way we care for our patients’ teeth, resulting in better dental evaluations and treatment decisions. As the most important member of your dental team, you need to understand the condition of your mouth, as well as our recommendations for treatment. Digital radiographs help us help you.


Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Cone beam computed tomography is an innovative medical imaging technique that provides endodontists with three-dimensional views of the patient. In certain cases, CBCT greatly enhances the endodontist's ability to diagnose, evaluate, treat and care for patients.

During a CBCT scan, the machine rotates around the patient, capturing images using a cone-shaped X-ray beam. These images are then used to construct a 3-D representation of the patient's teeth, oral and maxillofacial region (mouth, jaw, and neck), and ears, nose, and throat.

Watch the video below to learn more about how CBCT helps endodontists diagnosis and treat dental disease.

For Your Comfort:
Dr. Doddamane offers nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation for your comfort. Learn more about these options here:

Insurance & Payment Options:

As a courtesy, we will file your insurance claim and work toward optimizing your benefits. For payment, we accept cash, checks, credit cards, and we offer financing through the following companies: